Faraday and Other Adventures

Signal blocking is apparently in danger of becoming a fad in Britain. Who could resist a room as cool as this, kitted out with spike tiles forming a signal-blocking wall of ferrite pyramids?

Or the pocket version, available for the low price of $40, capable of enshrining your teenager's thumbs-of-fury in a bubble of respectable dinner conversation with no risk of under-the-table texting and giving you, the beleaguered parent, an aire of Bond-esque cool?

Owing to the fact that such jammers are illegal in the US and UK (France has recently declared them A-OK), intrepid jammers must look to questionable sinosalespeople who offer their wares with instructions such as this gem:
"Slow start-up circuit can avoid sparkling caused by mechanical switch."
Which is a pity, because I can imagine the teenagers, who may actually drop $40 on one of the portable jammers just to mess with their friends, really getting a kick out of the free sparkling that their equipment comes with. After all- in the style of Cicero- when all else fails to entertain, we can watch it burn.