State of the Union Live blog

After such fun with the opening of Parliament, how about a little live blog action on the State of the Union too?

Where is it: House chamber, which is larger, but I still don't know exactly how many people it seats with the galleries full. Maybe 700?

Who is in the room: Members of both houses of congress, the Washington diplomatic core, supreme court, cabinet minus one member (for continuity of gov't), and apparently after 2001 "key members of congressional leadership" are also offsite.

An escort committee of some 30-40 people are elected to bring the President into the chamber. Split evenly between house and senate. They should have a theme song and burst through a taught American flag. That would be a great way for Bush to end his term.

"Madame speaker, the dean of the diplomatic core!" is announced and then a few people walk in. Unclear what exactly this is.

"Madame speaker, the chief justice and the associate justices of the supreme court!"

The first lady and the daughters sit in the gallery. Laura is wearing a red pant suit. Whoa.

"Madame speaker, the president's cabinet!"

I wonder if there are rules about not upstaging the President's dress at an event like this, like the way women are not supposed to wear white to a wedding in case they upstage the bride. It looks like if you're a guy you have to wear a navy or gray suit and if you're a woman your choices are red or white pantsuit.

"Madame speaker, the president of the united states!" He's five minutes late.

Laura and the Bushettes look happy, a little bored. Nancy Pelosi looks like a rawbawt.

Bush sports a cornflower blue tie. Maybe he got the Blue Iris memo?

It looks like two rows of chairs have been added at the very front of the room. Condi & Co. are sitting on smaller, less formal chairs.

Clapping is totally partisan. Split down the aisle.